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Stay dry and explore how we shape an athlete’s modern style with water-resistant pants, shirts, and jackets paired with innovative sports products

Stay dry and explore the power of how we shape modern style with water and stain-resistant pants, shirts, and jackets. Our clients pair this gear with innovative sports products like our phone armbands made from high quality, smooth-textured, soft fabrics. Our clients are passionate about exploring the continents of the world one step at a time with breathable clothes that fit and move freely. Our water-resistant clothing features a super-elastic stretch material that repels liquid – water, fruit juices, wine, tea, milk, beer, as well as fog, rain, snow, and sweat, including odors. Check out our multiple colors and styles (all genders, sizes) and world-trendy products in the Hyperbolic Labs Collection of clothing and armbands:


Cell Phone and Air Pod Armbands

You’ll see and feel the comfort difference immediately with our true-to-fit standard sizing.

Our materials let you keep that fresh, crisp, and clean look while:

  • Allowing non-fade, sun protection
  • Staying dry – no more distasteful sweat and odor residue marks
  • Repelling stains (grease, wine, soda, coffee – be gone!)
  • Cleaning with clear water results in clean, lasting colors – just like new
  • Taking style to an ultra-modern level with casual, popular shirts featuring comfortable cuffs and delicate stitching
  • Enjoying “no sweat” fabrics without compromising your personal look and style
Our clients are people who understand the uncompromised style while living their passion. Hyperbolic Labs wants you to enjoy nature’s beauty and explore our world’s corners freely. Take our products on your life’s journey!

The Sweat Threat

Normal shirts don't allow for protection from the sun. This also makes them susceptible to getting soaked in sweat. This absorption of sweat makes the trip to the wash all too frequent, adding to the cost of cleaning them.

Enjoyment Without Compromise

Our breathable products use the power of hydrophobic material that allow for protection from the sun and sweat. This is all done without sacrificing the comfort and style of today's most popular shirts.

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