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360 Universal Armband

Hyperbolic Labs


Easy Phone Access with a Twist

The 360 Universal Armband by Hyperbolic Labs gives you the functionality of an armband and the flexibility to take it into your hands whenever you please! This amazing gear gives you control of how you want to stay connected with the rest world without sacrificing your access to it. This armband has a host of features. Check them out!

  • 360-degree rotation
  • Elastic silicone band
  • Back pocket for small-item storage
  • Highly durable elastic phone holder


360-degree Rotation

This detachable sports armband comes with a 360 rotation functionality making it easy to reach your phone during any kind of exercise or hike. This functionality makes it easy to access your phone while it is still attached to your arm. For extended phone use, simply detach the phone holder from the armband for a hassle-free experience! Just click it right back in when you're ready to continue about your day.


Elastic Silicone Band

The elastic silicone band provides breathable comfort that can be adjusted to your unique shape and size! This makes sharing the Universal Armband a breeze. Adjust the band to your liking for a quick and easy fit for anyone who chooses to use it. The strength of the silicone makes the band more durable than other materials, making the 360 Universal Armband last as long as you do!


Back Pocket

You hate things jumping around in your pockets during a run? The back pocket functionality allows for the secure storage of cards, cash, keys, and whatever small items you have! This takes away the disturbance of loose items in your pockets and prevents you from losing them.


Highly Durable Elastic Phone Holder

The amazing elastic phone holder is one of the highlights of the 360 Universal Armband. Its stretchy nature allows it to hold any phone from a 4.5 to 6-inch screen. This highly durable elastic can stretch up to 24 cm and can handle a 20 kg pull! Your phone has never been safer in this highly durable phone holder.

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