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Phone/Air Pod Armband

Hyperbolic Labs


Make Running Easy Again

Hyperbolic Labs brings you an armband that is capable of holding your phone as well as any other items you might need on the trail without sacrificing comfort. This armband comes with a host of added benefits for an improved experience you're sure to love! Check out these amazing features:

  • Reflective material
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Back pocket
  • Secure side pocket
  • Easy phone use

Now let's look a little deeper at each to see how amazing this armband truly is!

Reflective Material

Run at night with your mind at ease with the reflective material keeping you visible and safe. This material comes with the armband and ensures that you are seen by oncoming vehicles so that they can be sure to avoid you.

Lightweight and Comfortable

This armband is lightweight and made of soft material as to not irritate your skin. This armband is so comfortable in fact that you'll almost forget its there!

Back Pocket

This armband comes with a built-in back pocket. This creates a home for any loose items you have on your person. Travel with comfort and ease knowing that nothing will get flung from your pockets!

Secure Side Pocket

Need extra security? The zipper side pocket guarantees that your truly important items safe and with you thought-out your journey!

Easy Phone Use

Use your phone right through the protector! No need to fully remove the phone to get access to your friends and loved ones. Do it anytime and anywhere with ease.

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