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Infinity Shirt

Hyperbolic Labs

Say Goodbye To Spills, Stains, Messes, And Dirt FOREVER!

Sleek, slim-fitting, and suitable for whatever the day has in store, the Infinity Shirt is the ultimate in keeping you looking and feeling good!

Don't let a drop of coffee, spilled beer, or rainy weather ruin your day, this T-shirt is made of a special material that utilizes patented hydrophobic nanotechnology to render it immune to common stains and liquids in your daily life.

It is the only shirt that you will never have to worry about it making you smell bad and stopping your enjoyment of your life. It features unique benefits such as:

- Waterproof
- Stain-proof
- Self-cleaning
- Odor-resistant
- Antibacterial
- Anti-wrinkle

Once you put on the one-of-a-kind Infinity T-shirt, you'll never want to take it off!

Key Features:

  • Stretchable material (We recommend ordering one size smaller)
  • Extra comfortable and durable
  • Immune to spills, stains, messes, and dirt
  • Hydrophobic nanotechnology fabric

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